International Workplace Group and Leonardo Hotels transform 2.000sqm of hotel rooms to private offices

Thursday, February 18, 2021 - The flexible workplaces provider and the hotel chain respond to the changing needs of the professionals

International Workplace Group (IWG), the largest provider of flexible workplaces worldwide, and Leonardo Hotels have joined forces. The flex office provider will offer office space of approximately 2.000sqm on three floors of the Leonardo Royal Hotel in Amsterdam under the brand Regus. The hotel rooms have been transformed into full-fledged private offices; professionals will be able to use all the facilities that both Leonardo Hotels and Regus have to offer.


Annelou de Groot (IWG) en Alexander Kluit (Leonardo Hotels)

"This collaboration offers a solution to the rapidly changing needs of the professional where work is no longer restricted to a single, fixed location. The trend 'work from anywhere anytime' has taken off. Both small companies and large corporates are going to organize their housing more flexible and more hybrid," said Annelou de Groot, Director of Development at IWG.

Hybrid hospitality
With flexible working increasingly considered the norm, Leonardo Hotels and IWG are betting on hybrid hospitality with this collaboration. De Groot explains: "For some time now a trend has been visible whereby the boundaries between hotels, office space, restaurants and residential space are increasingly blurred. With the current pandemic, we have seen this trend accelerate. We live in a digitally driven world where work is no longer limited by cubicles, office gardens or 9 to 5 thinking. The collaboration between IWG and Leonardo Hotels is therefore nothing more than a logical step that fits the current era."

Alexander Kluit, Managing Director of Leonardo Hotels Netherlands and Belgium, is pleased with the cooperation: "Because IWG knows the office customer better than anyone else, they are able to serve them in the most optimal way. As a global provider of flexible office solutions, IWG brings an enormous network and platform with it, which we in return can further enhance with the hospitality in our DNA. We combine our business models in a place where the business customer can work in a professional and functional manner, combined with the atmosphere, ambiance and hospitality services that a hotel has to offer. In this way, a "customer" becomes a "guest" and we turn a workplace into a pleasant environment where working and meeting are combined. For example, our guests can interact in our state-of-the-art lounge or just relax for an hour in the gym or sauna during a break from work."

Management Agreement
The collaboration between Leonardo Hotels and IWG (more information), whereby Leonardo Hotels uses IWG's platform and services on the base of a management agreement, is unique in the industry. The ambition of Regus and Leonardo Hotels is to roll out the concept to an additional 13 locations. A rollout abroad is being considered.